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Re: Two questions about FC1 kernel upgrades

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 05:40:49AM +0000, Dave Jones wrote:

> There was a large amount of bits and pieces that were missed 
> from the release of FC1 -> 2.4.23 release, which I've been trying
> to get merged as painlessly as possible.

Thank you for all the effort.

I suspect for those with slow links a list of changes
would help folks decide to do the big download promptly
or put it off to later.

Since almost all the info is in the header of the rpm,
can you post it.

For those with slow links, skip installing and downloading the works
until you have looked at the change log.  Since Dave indicated he is
making many smallish updates it may be safe enough to skip or postpone
some updates.

Might also use the download only option of up2date and go play with the kids.
Check your skip list....
   # up2date --nox  --download --update
Later inspect the results and decide...

For 1.2149.nptl

* Wed Jan 07 2004 Dave Jones <davej redhat com>
- Merge several EXT2/3 fixes from 2.4.25pre
  - EXT2/3 fixes.
    - Reclaim pages in truncate
    - 2.6 EA symlink compatibility
    - forward-compatibility: online resizing
    - Allow filesystems with expanded inodes to be mounted
    - Handle j_commit_interval == 0
  - IDE timeout race fix
- Merge some 2.4.23pre patches that were missed.
  - Make root a special case for per-user process limits.
  - out_of_memory() locking
  - Drop module count if lockd reclaimer thread failed to start
  - Fix potential fsync() race condition
- s/Red Hat/Fedora/ in specfile (#112992)
- Add PCI ident for new Intel e1000 card. (#105046)
- Actually wire up 3c59x ethtool ioctl.
- Fix up numeric sysctls to match mainline.
* Tue Jan 06 2004 Dave Jones <davej redhat com>
- Fix leaks in rtc drivers (CAN-2003-0984) (#112893)

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 

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