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Mozilla upgrade problem

Color me dense, but I'm missing something - maybe someone can point me
in the right direction. I decided to install Mozilla 1.6. The
documentation says to remove earlier versions - I have 1.5 installed
with a set of RPM files from FC1. But I can't remove those RPMS - there
are dependencies on open-office, gaim etc.

Just for the heck of it, I went ahead and installed 1.6 - and it does
install. But I still can't get rid of 1.5...


1) Should I be able to delete 1.5 without removing other applications or
is mozilla tied that closely to other pieces of software?

2) Have I completely screwed up my system by having multiple instances
of mozilla wholly or partially installed?

I looked at some bug reports but I did not see anything related to this
- but I may well have missed something.

Thanks in advance,


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