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Re: fstab mount solved

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 06:19, Justin P. Steiger wrote:
> Hello all, for those that attempted to help me, here is how I solved the
> mount over network on boot problem.
> I added this to my fstab and now this box mounts the directory of
> another linux box on my network on boot up.
> //    /mnt/server             smbfs
> rw,username=username,password=xXxxxXx 0 0
> I just made a directory in my /mnt Directory and walla, when this
> machine boots, it mountes that directory.
> I also made a hd icon on my desktop that points to the /mnt/server
> Directory on this machine.
> The only troubles I'm having are users rights to the files in that
> directory. Seems it doesn't like being written to much, that's in work
> though.

You may want to try like this:

/machinename/sharename   /mnt/sharename  smbfs
		dmask=775,credentials=/home/ian/.smbpasswd 0 0

This is how i got to mount, at boot time of course, a share over a 
Apple server. Trust me, it is probably the most annoying thing you
might want to play with for smb shares.

I find 'credentials' quite helpful. A hidden file, in your home dir,
that contains your username and password. Should they change, no need to
change fstab (can be quite long sometimes). Moreover, fstab no longer
contains you username and password in plain text.

AS to the rest of options, wiht those i can read and write over all my
shares. Some of those are not really mandatory, though, for NT based

Hope i gave you some hints on where to look at.


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