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Re: how to configure procmail? I need step by step guidance.

Am Mo, den 19.01.2004 schrieb Bevan C. Bennett um 18:40:
> > could someone share the content of the forward file?
> That depends on how your mailserver is set up.
> If it's configured to use procmail as an MTA (as many people do these 
> days) then you don't need anything in your .forward file at all.

Procmail is no MTA - you probably mean LDA, which means something

> If procmail is not part of the built-in mailsystem, you should put the 
> following single line in your .forward file:
> ----------------------------------
> |/path/to/procmail
> ----------------------------------
> This will send all of your incoming email through procmail.
> I strongly suggest that you read 'man procmailex' carefully and test out 
> your procmailrc with logging turned on before leaving it to run.

On Fedora for instance Sendmail (MTA) and Procmail (LDA) are married and
you just have to create an /etc/procmailrc for global working or
~/.procmailrc for user based Procmail calls.


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