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Re: Windows virus lately?

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From: "Trevor Smith" <trevor haligonian com>
To: "Fedora List" <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 6:07 PM
Subject: Windows virus lately?

> Yesterday at school the support people mentioned that a new virus had
> their mail server. Then my employer said she had received numerous virus
> infected emails last night. Last night and today I've been getting
> some of which said "hey this message YOU sent has a virus in it", and all
> which had an attachment of some kind (probably the aforementioned virus).
> However, I have been using Linux almost exclusively for the past 2 weeks
> the odd time I have booted to Win2k, I have not sent or received email.
> My theory is that I probably did not send anyone any viruses but that the
> virus du jour actually steals addresses from people's address books and
> itself using those addresses as its "to" address. This theory is supported
> the fact that I have received some dubious looking messages from people
> have some "six degrees" sort of connections to me, but whom I have never
> corresponded with (so they might have been in other people's address
> books...). These messages I've received have had attachments that didn't
> right so I deleted them as usual.
> What do you think? If I have only been doing my emailing with Linux, is it
> possible that I have been sending a Win virus? Just thought you linux
> might have a better idea.
> FWIW, I have a firewall installed on Linux (I believe) and I run tiny
> firewall on Win2k at all times too. So sneaky apps that try to send out
> without permission or those that try to usurp control or overwrite
> programs are noticed immediately on Win2k by TPF.
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Should answer your question.


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