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KMail and PgP


Recently, my email address was hijacked, and used to send a virus to an 
address with a .ru domain.
This has sparked my interest in signing my email.

Having used PgP on Windows, my understanding of the way this all works is...

I install the necessary software to digitally sign my email, and upload the 
public key to a keyserver.  
I then sign my email, and anyone wanting to verify my identity looks up the 
public key, assures themselves that it is really me, and then downloads the 
key to their keyring.
Persons who are sure that this key belongs to me can sign the key, as well.
Then, persons can then be reasonably sure that email containing my digital 
signature actually came from me.
Am I close enough in my understanding?

I found http://kmail.kde.org/kmail-pgpmime-howto.html
Is this the definitive HOWTO for signing email in KMail, or is there a better 
reference out there for KMail in FC1?

I'm not opposed to compliing the software as the above page indicates, but I 
have a "Personal Desktop" installation of FC1, and wonder if I have the 
compiler installed?

Charles Howse
Jackson, TN
Fedora Core 1 Uptime: 1 day,  7:57

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