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Re: keyboard shortcut

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 16:18, Marc Williams wrote:
> I would like a keyboard shortcut for the menu item "Lock Screen" but I
> don't think one exists by default, at least I can't find it in the
> docs.  Nor can I find how to add it.

I don't normally reply to myself but no one else did and I found the
answer after some searching.  So, for the benefit of others...

I was able to change the default behavior of Ctrl-Alt-Del from Log Off
screen to that of Lock Screen by going into the Configuration Editor
(gconf-editor) and choosing 
apps -> 
metacity -> 
and doing some editing.  I noticed that command_1 was already assigned
"gnome-session-save --kill" so I edited the blank command_2 to be
"xscreensaver-command -lock".  Then I went to
apps -> 
metacity -> 
and assigned run_command_2 to "<Ctrl><Alt>Delete and changed
run_command_1 to "<Ctrl><Alt>l".

Now, when I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I get a locked screensaver just as I
did with NT and w2k and I can still log out with Ctrl-Alt-l.

All in all, faily easy and I didn't even have to look up any old escape
or ascii codes.  :-)

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