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Mailing list message stats for May 2004

Mailing list stats for May 2004

Total Messages: 8674

Top 20 posters

Number of posts         Poster

  360           Alexander Dalloz
  148           duncan brown
  145           William Hooper
  126           Jeff Vian
  103           Rodolfo J. Paiz
  91            Gene Heskett
  90            Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell
  87            Sean Estabrooks
  82            Satish Balay
  77            Chris Kloiber
  74            Rui Miguel Seabra
  69            jludwig
  68            Ow Mun Heng
  68            Phil Schaffner
  67            Jay Daniels
  65            Jeremy Brown
  65            fedora-list-bounces redhat com [mailto
  62            Joe(theWordy)Philbrook
  62            shrek-m gmx de

Top 25 subjects

Number of posts         Subject

  104           Old farts and new Linux
  68            single linux box on dsl?
  64            Nvidia Drivers]
  53            nvidia and FC2
  52            XFree86 gone from Fedora Core? WHY!?
  43            Fedora Core 2 - review.
  41            Why Would Fedora be Free ?  Can it be Trusted?
  41            Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache
  40            Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.
  39            Tackling a shared USB printer (linux -> WXP)
  37            Boot/login problems after installation
  37            NVIDIA drivers are a BAD Thing [tm]
  37            New low for Microsoft!
  35            new FC1 install problems)
  35            NVIDIA drivers are a Good Thing [tm]
  32            5336-Nvidia Driver
  32            Problems getting 2 NICs to work.
  31            fc2 will not install to sata
  31            FC2 ate my system
  31            New low for Microsoft!)
  30            (no subject)
  30            FC2 BitTorrent URL's
  28            Slashdotted - XP dual boot issue
  28            Getting rid of M$
  28            Urgent help needed with Login problems after
installation of

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

It's faster horses,
Younger women,
Older whiskey and
More money.
		-- Tom T. Hall, "The Secret of Life" 

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