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[Critique me!] READ THIS NOW: WINXP DUAL BOOT/ASUS P4P plus useful links, too!

Ok folks, I've gotten all but .5 yea's from several of the users on this
list, so here's the first test mail. Please let me know if everything in
here looks ok, makes sense, is in the right order.  I'm pretty much an
Average Joe User, so holler if I've written something asinine or
nonsensical. Let me know if I've missed anything, left anything out.
Please note I'd like to leave this listing as short as possible, while
still being informative. I figure I'll put the worst/most frequently
asked-about problems in the subject title, so folks with those problems
will know to look here first. 

If all like it, I'll keep posting it and make changes as the bug du jour
changes. Let me know if anything should be added at any time! If people
get sick of it/think it's not working or is no longer necessary, of
course I'll stop posting it, simply give a holler.

<!-- start -->

Latest problems:

***WinXP Dual boot problems***
So you've installed Fedora Core 2 and now you can't boot into Windows
XP...STOP RIGHT THERE! Quit playing with that partition table. Go here
for the fix:


***Asus P4P800 Series motherboard***
Got one and tried to install Fedora Core 2?  Won't install, right?  Go


For other problem fixes/information, please go to the Unofficial FAQ. 
Trust me, the answer is probably there.  If it's not, there will most
likely be a link to it:


Check Bugzilla, try the "most frequently reported bugs" listing first:



Here's the link to the Archive for this list:
You can try the search feature at the top of that page, but it's been
known to be flaky at times.


Try Google:

Slap a string in there with your error message (or part of it) and see
if anyone else has had the problem.

If you can't find an answer to your problem with any of those steps
above, post here at fedora-list redhat com   But BEFORE YOU DO THAT- the
folks here can help you much better if you include the following

-A descriptive subject title. This will spare folks who don't have
advice from spending the time reading your note, and will single out
those who do. It will also be a great help to those who come after you
with the same problem.

-Hardware specs of your machine: motherboard, CPU, video card, ethernet
card, etc...

-Software info: Kernel version, Window manager.

-Error messages.

-Steps you took that got you to this error.


General non-problem stuff:

Got window manager questions? Want to know how to do something in your
chosen window manager?

If you're using Gnome, go here:

Mailing lists:

If you're using KDE, go here:

Mailing lists:

Finally, here's the link to *all* Redhat mailing lists:


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