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Re: [Critique me!] READ THIS NOW: WINXP DUAL BOOT/ASUS P4P plus useful links, too!

melgil88 wrote:
Ok folks, I've gotten all but .5 yea's from several of the users on this
list, so here's the first test mail. Please let me know if everything in
here looks ok, makes sense, is in the right order. I'm pretty much an
Average Joe User, so holler if I've written something asinine or
nonsensical. Let me know if I've missed anything, left anything out.
Please note I'd like to leave this listing as short as possible, while
still being informative. I figure I'll put the worst/most frequently
asked-about problems in the subject title, so folks with those problems
will know to look here first.

If all like it, I'll keep posting it and make changes as the bug du jour
changes. Let me know if anything should be added at any time! If people
get sick of it/think it's not working or is no longer necessary, of
course I'll stop posting it, simply give a holler.

<!-- snipped..... -->

Try Google:

You might suggest narrowing the scope a tad with: http://www.google.com/linux

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