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[FC2] Pseudo terminals and SEDT

    Does anyone know of a way to disable pseudo-terminals in
Fedora Core 2. In all previous versions I was able to comment
the lines out of /etc/fstab and /etc/rc.sysinit. With FC2, no
terminals will start at all with the lines missing.

    I use an old text editor, SEDT, that will not work with
PTs. There is no other editor I have found with the same
functionality. It's not just the EDT emulation, I use the
internal action and movement commands extensively.
Additionally I have reconfigured the key mappings in such
ways as would be very difficult to emulate elsewhere.

    I would be happy with any one of a number of solutions.

    1) The source for SEDT is available. If anyone is willing
       to look at the code and update it to work with
       pseudo-terminals, please contact me. I would be
       willing to pay a modest sum. Let's say $50.00.
       The source was available at:
       Lately, the links appear to be invalid. If interested
       at looking at the code contact me and I will mail it
       to you.
       TRU64 V5.1B distributes a version of SEDT that works
       fine with pseudo-terminals on it's version of Unix  so
       someone somewhere has done it.
    2) Is there something that can be set to allow Xterms to 
       use TTYP identifiers under Xorg in FC2?
    3) Is there an Xterm alternate that allows you to
       specify not to use PTs?
    4) Any better idea that you come up with.

John Kidwell
Colorado Springs, Colorado 
kidwell rocketmail com

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