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Re: smallest possible installation.

At 17:11 3/1/2004, you wrote:
but there was no more options for deselect of any packages and these
'custom' installation was 537mb with many of unnecessary packages,
they must be removed manually... :(

is there a possibility to install in textmode a little, core installation
with network in order to install the rest we need over internet (i.e. yum, apt) ?


I've done some work with this using FC1 and with the help of about a dozen other people. We've managed to pare down a useful, practical FC1 install down to about 380MB. Many more things /could/ be removed, but at the cost of losing some functionality and flexibility. Check out the archives of the fedora-minimal list (in particular, my posts since I often posted a summary of successful recommendations by others):


I'm also trying to convert these notes and results into a "Small Netserver HOWTO" which will take such a minimal but useful system and build on it to create a home/SOHO machine playing firewall/gateway, DHCP, DNS, and NTP duties. Unfortunately, I'm progressing veeeeeerrrrrryyy slllloooooowwwwwlllyyy. :-( Still, if you give me a day or two you'll find the most recent update of this draft on:


I'll try to complete it sometime this century, I promise. In the meantime, any feedback is welcome!

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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