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Apple Cinema Display on Fedora Core 1?

a month or so ago, our IT dept bought a bunch of new Apple Cinema Displays for our office. we all use linux/unix machines here, and after about a week of not getting the displays to work with Redhat 9, they gave up and decided to get Power Macs to use with the displays.

well, it took a month for me to realize that i like linux much better than os x (gimmie back my kde and gnu stuff, damnit! ;) and now i want a linux machine again. the problem is that i just can't part with this beautiful monitor! granted the IT guys failed, but i'm >sure< there is a way to get this monitor to work with fedora core 1...anyone have any success?

correct me if my terminology is wrong or whatever. but its a DV monitor and only accepts DV input. so to use with a standard SVGA graphics card, i need some kinda converter cable or a video card with DV output. can anyone suggest a good, cheap video card to do this? or should i not bother and go with the converting cable?

the problem the IT guys had was with the xserver (of course). the display worked fine until the xserver started, then it just displayed a bunch of noise.

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