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Re: Installation freezes on CD-TEST at the begining


Don't know if this might help, i had similar problems installing RH and Fedora Core 1.0 on my Compaq N1050V (which is now HP) and could not get past the "CD Test" phase.

I tried every solution that i could find but to no avail.
Eventually I inserted and external keyboard into the usb laptop part, and then I could get past the CD Test phase, after that you do not require the external keyboard, just pull it out and carry on with the rest of the installation. It seems that the laptop keyboard does not get recognised at load / install time.

Good luck, let me know what happened.


Caleb Rodriguez wrote:

I had a similar problem with my Sony Vaio. I found that no matter which distro I tried to install it would now go all of the way. I just about took my laptop apart.

Here is what fixed my problem. I puchased a can of compressed air and cleaned out the vents all around the entire laptop. I then I powered back up and believe it or not I got Fedora to install.

Hope this helps I have found out that Linux drives the hardware hardier that the other OS.
- cheers

Diego Medina wrote:

I know both CD sets are ok, because i used them on other machines, and I´ve already tried the text-mode installation, I´ve even tried the <linux noprobe> installation, so I think is some kind of compatibility problem of the FC/RH distribution with my hardware, known that yesterday I tried SUSE 8.2 and it installed without any problem.
My biggest issue is that in my study/work environment I have much more support for the RH distributions so I would be a lot happier with FC or RH.
Thanks again
Diego Medina

*/David Liguori <liguorid albany edu>/* wrote:

Diego Medina wrote:

    >Hi, I have a HP Notebook(ze4630us) and have the following
    problem: When
    >trying to install Fedora Core1 or RH9, my computer freezes when the
    >CD-Test is about to start, It doesnt even let me press OK or Skip
    Test, It
    >shows me the window with the question and freezes completelly, Id
    like to
    >know if anyone has had this problem and what whas the solution,
    if any.
    >Thanks in advance

    Have you tried a text mode installation? Type "linux text" at the
    prompt. (The default is a graphical mode installation). See if it
    hangs, at that point. If you have access to another machine you
    might want
    to do the media check and verify it's OK, but it sounds like
    you've tried
    at least 2 CD sets (FC1 and RH9) already.

David Liguori

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