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Re: How to unset up the firewall... :-)

Am So, den 28.03.2004 schrieb FabrÃcio Santos um 00:41:
> Viva Alexander,
> Thanks for your answer.

> Fedora is behind the router. Hence the packet trace showing a source IP on
> the internet and the destination as port forwarding
> had already been applied. It may be a bit confusing but my router is not
> :-) It was the router before I got myself a wireless router
> switch and it kept using that same IP after that.

Fedora behind a router ... So it is clear that the router has to forward
the ports 6666 and 8080 to the Fedora box. Is that working?

> I'm really clueless here... :-/ so thanks in advance for any help.
> PS. I hope formating will be ok now... O:-) And sorry for the long email.

Thank you, plain text is perfect. :)

> -fs


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