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Re: I want to force 1/2 duplex from my network card. How?

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Andre Costa wrote:

> Ok, no rush: linux kernel can have some of its components compiled as
> modules, which means they're loaded on demand. If you type
> lsmod

Even worse. Kudzu blew the identification. It is really a "3com940 
1000base?". STill, ethtool -s eth0 duplex half doesn't work. So, back to 
your idea we go...

> you will see which modules are currently loaded for your kernel. Modules
> configuration stays on /etc/modules.conf (man is your friend). Modules
> usually can tell how to configure them with the 'modinfo' command I
> showed above. This means that if you run
> modinfo [module-name]
> you will be presented some basic description and the allowed parameters.
> Combining all the above info, you can infer what this entry on my
> /etc/modules.conf does:

OK, but as it turns out, there are no modules for this card. I do have a 
second card in there, a 3com501, and Kudzu won't even recognize it. I 
believe there's a big bug to swat for that one in bugzilla. Anyway...

> options nvnet duplex=2 > 
> (answer: it is saying that nvnet modules should be loaded with
> param 'duplex' set to 2, which means full-duplex on my case).
> TIP: do a 'man modprobe'.

Yep. Unfortunately, I don't have any modules for it, and I don't know 
where to get one.

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