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Re: Dual booting FC2 with FC1

Am Do, den 20.05.2004 schrieb Dave um 17:27:

> I installed FC1 to a new machine a week ago. The PC was meant to be a
> 'test-bed' machine but having updated and tweaked FC1 over the week I
> find that it's working better than any PC on my LAN so I'm loathe to
> lose it now. :)
> I have a spare new Hard Drive to install to this machine so I'm going to
> install FC2 to the new disk and keep FC1 on the master disk.
> Will the new FC2 installation add to the grub entries automatically so I
> can still boot FC1?

> Dave

If you do not choose upgrade option during install it will install in
parallel and set up a proper grub.


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