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Re: Preferred directory structure for shared multimedia files

On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 18:32, Craig wrote:
> Nick Pierpoint wrote:
> > 
> > I'm creating a central repository of music and pictures that I'll make
> > available over a wireless network within my home.
> > 
> > Predictably enough, instead of starting with a sensible practical issue,
> > the issue that's really getting to me is under what directory structure
> > to keep the repository?
> > 
> > Basically trying to follow FHS (http://www.pathname.com/fhs):
> > 


> > Currently its all under /opt/media so you'll understand my predicament.


> In my judgment, I believe you've done a bit of "over thinking" in this case. 

Over-thinking is my middle name.

> Although I would agree that on 
> a single, non-networked computer I would agree that the /usr/share/<multimedia> or other dir name would be 
> appropriate if we are talking about the location of user-shared that are not app/environment-related (which 
> would include backgrounds, themes, etc.). However, in this case, I would suggest that this is actually a 
> network share (nfs). If you have room for a separate partition, I would suggest you make such a partition 
> for these files and mount it under the /mnt (/mnt/pub is what I would do) dir. I use an external network 
> drive mounted directly to the network (nfs share) and have a /pub sym link for convenience. As I stated at 
> the beginning, I don't think this is relevant. These files don't fall under the category of 
> app/environment-related stuff, ergo FHS doesn't really care about their location. If you have a separate 
> /home partition (which is the least you should have), putting such files under the /home dir (/home/pub) 
> makes just as much sense as anything else IMHO.

I don't know. FHS seems to care about more than system and app related
files. Certainly should care if it doesn't - no point having a
beautifully laid out hierarchy if users just bung everything else in

/mnt would seem to be ok if I was mounting a something from another
server, but I'm talking about the server that's hosting these files.

I think /srv is appropriate as the files would be served as a multimedia
service in the same way that web pages (/srv/http) would be served as a
web server.

I think maybe /srv/mm to be suitable obtuse. Nothing quite so crass as
"My Pictures" ;-)


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