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Re: Default geometry of gnome-terminal

Andrea Giuliano wrote:

Nice question!

There was a "standard" way to do things like that, but it seems not to work with gnome-terminal. If you feed two lines like the following:

   xterm*geometry:  132x25
   gnome-terminal*geometry:  132x25

to the command "xrdb" (X resource database), then every new instance of "xterm" will be 132 chars wide, but this won't be the case for gnome-terminal.

I had a look around, but couldn't find a string that works in place of "gnome-terminal" above. It could well be that GNOME apps do not look at X resources DB at all!

I know, it's not very usefull...


Well, I guess I could just use xterm. But I kind of enjoy using the native gnome apps. It is a pain resizing every time I start it up though. I saw somewhere that it might be possible to configure geometry via gnome-terminal.desktop, but I haven't found a way of doing it.

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