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Re: graphical install using vesa...?

Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:
> actually, where can i find a list of all the boot options available for the
> fedora core 2 installer?  i'm looking for something similar to knoppix's
> "cheatcodes".

I'm not sure about *all* the boot options. Many of them (e.g. the nodma
one) go to the kernel. Some of those are undocumented, but most can be
found in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt in the Linux source code.
Generally, these are the ones that you need to get the kernel booted.

Most of the rest are listed in the Release Notes, or the *.msg files
in /isolinux on the first FC2 CD.

The only other ones I'm aware of are the reiserfs, jfs, and xfs options,
allowing you to install to those filesystems.

Is anyone aware of any others? (There are a number of other boot options
that only apply to installed boots: you can find out most of them by
looking through /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit. For example, the quiet and rhgb

Knoppix does a lot of things through boot options because it doesn't
necessarily have anywhere else to keep settings. Fedora tends to store
a lot of the equivalent settings on disk.


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