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Recent Fedora Core kernels (plus my SPEC file for 2.6.8-1.541 with Athlon support)

Is there a document or page that details all of the changes in how
recent Fedora Core kernels are built?  I've noticed several changes, and
I want to verify I understand them all.  I apologize as I've seen some
traffic, but I can't seem to find a definite answer (I'm sure I just
passed over it).


1.  The "sourcecode" package, which is now ARCH="noarch"

  I assume the package name change was because the ARCH has changed. 

Additional Q:
  Why is the "sourcecode" package not built by default when
"--target=noarch" is passed?  I.e.,
  %ifarch noarch
  %define builddoc 1
  %define buildsource 0

2.  There is another variable in EXTRAVERSIONS, defaults to "root"

  I assume this is to differentiate between UML (User Mode Linux)
kernels (so the same build system can be used)?

Additional Q:
  Is this a stock kernel change?  Or Red Hat only?

3.  Athlon no longer a build option at all in the SPEC file

  Are there support issues with this?  Or was it another reasoning?**

Additional Q:
  Is there any reason why we can't "patch back in" just the few changes
into the SPEC so one can build Athlon kernels easily with

[ **BTW, I'm fully aware that the i686 kernel runs fairly optimized on
Athlon.  But turning off the generic support, and optimizing for K7
makes a significant difference for me in engineering applications. ]

Also, to add in Athlon support, you don't have to make it part of the
"all_x86" set.  In fact, I made Athlon a separate build conditional on
its own in my own spec file (for 2.6.8-1.541) here (along with a few
other changes):  

And for those that want to build Athlon optimized kernels, the .config
files are here:  

Bryan J. Smith                                  b j smith ieee org 
"Communities don't have rights. Only individuals in the community
 have rights. ... That idea of community rights is firmly rooted
 in the 'Communist Manifesto.'" -- Michael Badnarik

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