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Re: LVM resizing root partition quiestion

On 2 Aug 2005 at 10:26, Paul Howarth wrote:

> Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> > I've tried to resize a "/" partition using information from the thread 
> > below after booting from the FC3 DVD with linux rescue.
> > I ran the lvm lvscan, then lvm vgchange -ay, and then did the resize 
> > command to change the partition from 35GB to 30GB. It is using no more 
> > than 12GB of space. This was a test machine, and was to see if it would 
> > work. It gave a warning message, but it being a test machine, was no 
> > problem. Unfortunately, after rebooting the machine had a kernel panic 
> > with an inodees error message.
> You say you did "the resize command"; which resize command?

If I recall correctly, I used lvresize. 

> You need to reduce the size of the filesystem (resize2fs) before you 
> reduce the size of the partition or logical volume (lvreduce) that it's 
> on. Did you do that?

The answer is no,  I've looked for a step by step for doing this, but 
haven't come up with the correct search to find it.

> > The reason that I want to be able to resize the partition, is that I 
> > have another machine with a AMD64 3000+ CPU and a 250GB drive with FC3 
> > as well. In the default installation, it setup the drive with the boot 
> > and "/" partitions. System works fine, but it is used to do backups of 
> > other systems on the network, and these are about 15GB files for each 
> > lab. I want to be able to backup the root partition of this machine as 
> > well, but with the 200+GB partition, it doesn't work well. I would like 
> > to redo the machine in a  way to have the directory for the images as a 
> > separate partition. I've been able to add a 70GB drive, and have it map 
> > to another directory in the manner that I would like to do with this 
> > 250GB drive.
> > 
> > Can this be done with LVM. I've used presizer in the past, and also 
> > partition magic with windows. I'm sure it can be done, but I have found 
> > it yet. Thanks again.
> Yes, you can do it. You don't another drive. You can reduce the size of 
> the root filesystem, then reduce the size of the logical volume. This 
> frees up space in the volume group, so you can create a new logical 
> volume for the backups, create a new filesystem on that logical volume, 
> then mount the new filesystem on the directory you want to use for the 
> backups. Job done.

I  put in the 70GB drive to copy all the image files, and did a backup 
of the large root filesystem to have a backup. Created an 18GB file. 

> (actually, when reducing partition/volume sizes, I tend to reduce the 
> the filesystem size to *smaller* than the target size of the 
> partition/volume group, then reduce the size of the partition/volume, 
> then use resize2fs without a size so as to get the filesystem to fill 
> the partition/volume; this ensures that at all times the filesystem 
> lives within the partition/volume, without having to worry about 
> rounding errors etc.).

Is there a place were I could get the step by step instructions.Using 
various combinations of words, I end up with from 40,000 to 5,000 

P.S. These are for my G4L - Ghost for Linux images that I've been 
working on. 

Again Thanks for the quick response.

> Paul.
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