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Re: FC3 Install fails on reboot - blinking cursor only

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larryharriman affordableitresources com wrote:
| Hi,
| I am a linux newbie - I am a convert from Windows 2000 and  XP and .NET
| programming(still doing that for my day job). I am trying to install
| Fedora Core 3 to a old Gateway someone gave me. It is a Pentium 2, 300
| mhz machine with 320 MB of RAM. It has two drives, one is a 10 gig
| drive(Primary) and a secondary drive that has 2 gig.
| I first tried the auto partioning in the fedora 3 install wizard, it
| seemed to pick every correctly but after a successful install when the
| machine goes to reboot it hangs with just a blinking cursor at the top
| of the screen. I can't access a command prompt to do anything.

Is the grub screen coming up?  You say it "just hangs" on reboot, but
presumably there are your BIOS screens first and then hopefully grub,
and then it hangs?  Or just your BIOS screens and then it dies trying to
start grub?

Which HDD (10G, 2G) is it installed on and which is it trying to boot from?

- -Andy
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