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Re: Yum update the latest Fedora 4 Kernel

Yes, the newer kernel 2.6.14 is taken after reboot.  Is yum only available when connecting to internet?  I run "yum list kernel*" without internet connection and got "Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: livna" (I did yum clean all before it)


On 12/3/05, Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com> wrote:
On 12/3/05, Min Chen <mcfreemind gmail com> wrote:
> Hi -
>  Just want to get the latest fedora 4 kernel.
>  The kernel version 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 keeps the same after I run "yum
> update".
>  Then I run "yum update kernel-i686 kernel-devel-i686" and found that there
> are two versions of the installed packages for kernel.i686 and
> kernel-devel.i686: 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 and 2.6.14-1.1644_FC4.  Could anyone
> give any guide on how to get the latest FC4 kernel?
>  Thanks,
>  Min

Did you go through with the yum update?  If you did, just reboot and
select the 2.6.14 kernel from the menu.  By default yum does not
replace an older kernel with a newer one.  After you reboot into the
newer kernel and find that operation is satisfactory you can remove
the older kernel using "rpm -e kernel-2.6.13.xxx".  It is advisible,
however, keep at least one older version in the event there is a bug
with the new kernel. The kernel-devel package is required if you need
to build custom modules for the 2.6.14 kernel.

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