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Re: TurboTax - Linux?


Of course. And Turbo Tax for the Web (and all of the other companies) also
use https. I guess the question is: a secure protocol _to what_?

Matthew Miller mattdm mattdm org

Back to the original quesiton, have people tried running
Turbo Tax under wine? I was going to try it out just for
grins, but have not gotten to it yet.

Robert Styma

A week or so ago while researching the possibility of using Wine to run TurboTax in FC2 I ran across a couple of messages reporting that this year or last TurboTax software started making changes to the masterboot record when run in Wine. As a relative linux neophyte, that was enough of a cautionary note to dissuade me from trying it. I also did not find any clear declaration that people were actually succeeding in running TurboTax under Wine.

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