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Re: yum question

> I'd like to start using yum to get software for Fedora 3 and have
> replaced the yum.conf that comes with the distribution (backing up the
> original first, of course) with the yum.conf from www.fedorafaq.org.
> Why is it suggested above to delete the gpgcheck lines in yum.conf and
> yum.repos.d?  What do they do?

I have no idea why the gpgcheck lines are commented out, or why it's
recommended that you remove them.  But they tell RPM (which yum uses
to install everything) to check the package's GPG signature to make
sure it came from the correct repository.  I believe the fedorafaq has
info on adding various repos' signatures to your keychain, but I'm not

Essentially, it makes sure that it awsn't a malicious entity
publishing those rpms.


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