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Re: Fedora Community: Under threat?

D. D. Brierton wrote on 28/01/2005 09:02:

I work for a living. I have no idea what most of the other people on
this list do, but I often feel in a minority. This list should have a
narrow focus, restricted to using Fedora, and that's it. But instead we
have all manner of ridiculous threads, not all of them flame wars, that
go on and on and on. For the last couple of months I actually suspended
delivery from this list because I just couldn't cope with the volume.
Even as it is, I skim through messages, quite possibly missing things
that i could either learn from or help others with just because there is
too much traffic. Who's at fault? Well there is no one else to blame but
ourselves. We *are* the list. Either we decide to only respond to
genuine questions and issues, and ignore the trolls and flame-bait, or
we give into our urges and wreck this community completely. Given the
traffic the last couple of days I have myself considered unsubscribing.
Which is a shame, as whilst that flame war was going on I was helping
someone who was a complete newbie actually install Fedora. Shame on
everyone who perpetuated that total waste of time with so little
consideration for the silent majority on this list.

I totally agree. I like to help out where I can but in the morning when I get on, there's usually over 200 messages. Most of the time I just delete the messages because the real requests for help get lost in the mix. As you say it also restricts our ability to learn and also improve the product.

I certainly ignore the obviously trolling and annoying advocacy type stuff (where there's another group for). I wish everyone would do the same!


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