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Re: System slowed down- again!

Am Sa, den 02.07.2005 schrieb Dotan Cohen um 16:02:

> Thanks, Alex. I've since had to restart the machine twice. After the
> first time I ran ps axuwwww | grep Z. At that time I had only one
> zombie show up in top:
> root      3571  0.0  0.0      0     0 tty4     Z<   16:37   0:00 [X]
> 500       3802  0.0  0.0    364   108 tty6     R+   16:45   0:00 grep

So X is dead - but on tty4?

> As soon as the machine slows down again, I'll run top, and in the
> event of zombies, I'll run ps.
> I don't think that the problem is anacron, as Andy suggested, as the
> machine was up all night. I ussually don't turn the computer off at
> night.
> Dotan Cohen

Rereading your initial posting I suspect like Andy a hardware problem,
presumably with your harddrive. Run

smartctl -t long /dev/<your drive>

and when it finished inspect the results with

smartctl -a /dev/<your drive>

[ <your drive> seems to be hdb ]

I suggest you do this in runlevel 3 (so without X) and doing nothing
with the PC during the selftest time. Check too your cables. Often
enough a damaged cable or one with bad contact to the motherboard is
cause of trouble.


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