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Re: I'm about to give up. Please Help

Don wrote:

I have just this weekend to get this going. I have been working on it for two days. Please help.

I was running FC3 with no problem on this system.

I installed FC4 new. I select all the packages. When the install displays there is 25 minutes left, the screen turns gray, then I see a terminal like output stating something like starting graphical interface, the system reboot, and I get a grub> prompt.

I cannot find a grub.conf in either /boot/grub or /etc. Please help, I would like to use FC4 and not go back to FC3.

Did you try my suggestions? I sent some in at about 8:30 today.
It would be useful to know what the results were.

If it turns out that you have an incomplete GRUB install, then
you might try booting a rescue CD with GRUB on it, and using
the GRUB emulation mode to install GRUB on your hard drive.


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