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Open Office 1.9.112-1.1.0.fc4, disappearing menus

I have updated the open office packages and now the icons and text on the menu bar, as well as the icons and text in the drop-down menus, have disappeared.

The title bar (?) shows 'file', 'edit', 'view', etc, but underneath, the menu bar (?) disappears when I hover the mouse pointer over the icons. The same thing happens in the drop-down menus. The program is still usable, but it is very difficult to know which button one is clicking.

I am using kde-redhat for FC4 on a clean install of FC4. I have followed all the updates and installed them as they came along from the date of issue, for both FC4 and kde-redhat for FC4.

I have the latest Sun Java installed, as per the Fedora release notes instructions, into /opt using the extracting binary - not the rpm, and have made the necessary indications in the alternatives system.


Just before sending this off, I decided to check out the KDE Control Centre. Under 'GTK Styles and Fonts', I have set 'Use my KDE Style in GTK application'. This has worked fine up to now, except that in Firefox there are no large icons for the menu bar, only small ones, but, as a result, I have set Firefox to use the small icons.

It seems that Open Office only displays properly when 'use another style' is set to 'Clearlooks'. This is unfortunate, as Open Office nad Firefox look great in their KDE skin.

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