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Re: Copy/Paste

At 10:41 AM 7/5/2005, you wrote:
> Any insight into how X, Gnome, apps, and the clipboard interact would be
> appreciated as its driving me nuts.
> --
> Bill Gradwohl

I am not sure how they all interact, but one thing that worked always for me
and in all circumstances was to select with the mouse the text I want to
copy, then go where I need it pasted and just press the middle mouse button.
If you have a mouse with only 2 buttons, I think it can be emulated by
pressing at the same time the 2 buttons.


See this link for details on a service called 'gnome-clipboard-daemon'.


It keeps data on the clipboard after you close the application it came from, and generally makes GNOME cut-n-paste work a little more sanely (IMO).

Dan Orzechowski
SAIC Marine Science and Technology Division

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