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Re: Mail Client --> intermediate host --> stunnel (?) --> imaps server

On 7/5/05, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam courier-mta com> wrote:
> Matt Morgan writes:
> >> Another way to do this is to install an IMAP proxy on your intermediary
> >> server.  It's going to accept imaps connections (and your SSL cert will be
> >> installed on the intermediary server itself), then turn around and forward
> >> those connections to your real IMAP server.  There's very little benefit in
> >> encrypting the proxied connection of your LAN, so the forwarded connection
> >> can be non-encrypted.
> >
> > Thanks! This sounds like the way we'd want to do it. Is IMAP proxying
> > something Courier can do, or is an IMAP proxy something different?
> Courier can proxy IMAP connections.

Thanks. I googled, too, and also found


which sound similar. (I have a tendency to get excited and write back
first, then google afterward ... but again, thanks for clueing me in!)

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