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Re: New Age Music can kill FC4

Hoffmann wrote:

[snipped stuff about copy protected cds]

Hi Markus, Thanks for reply. Well, I see no 'copy protection systems' information on my CDs. Moreover, I can listen to those CDs on Windows (by using either Windows Media Player 9 or Real Player 10) with no problem. So, I really don't know what the problem is. Important to say that I am not criticizing Fedora at all. I really love Fedora and, in my opinion, it is THE BEST linux distribution available. Thanks, once again, for your time. Hoffmann

Do you have an audio cable connected between your CD drive and your sound card? Open the box and take a look.

Most Linux sound apps expect to use the analog output from your CD drive to play audio. Windows uses the digital output, so it works fine without the audio cable.

If you have an audio cable, you need to fiddle with the mixer controls. You don't mention the type of soundcard you are using, this determines which mixer settings are available, so it's hard to be specific about which sliders to set.

If you do not have an audio cable, XMMS can be configured to use the digital output from your CD drive. Configure the XMMS "CD audio player" plugin and select "digital audio extraction" under the "play mode" section.

It works for me (TM). Good luck.


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