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Re: Compaq WIFI card not recognized by FC4

On 7/6/05, Lovell Mcilwain <lovell mcilwain gmail com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to fedora core (From Mandrake) and I just installed FC4 on my compaq Presario R3000.  It

These might interest you then:

> doesn't seem to be able to recognize my wireless card that I have in it.  I posted some questions on
>  linuxquestions.org and they let me know the FC doesn't support my card so that I would have to use
> ndiswrapper along with the windows drivers that came with it.

That is correct, the broadcom chipset does not have open-source
drivers.  It does work well with ndiswrapper, though.  Are you using
32- or 64-bit?  The R3000 comes in several flavors.

> Apparently before I get started I need to have the kernel source files which after reading for a bit
> Fedora doesn't ship with.

No you do not.  You only need the headers.

> Can anyone tell me if there is a way that I can use YUM to download the kernel source files that I need?

yum install kernel-devel

> if not:
> Is there an rpm somewhere that I can use to install?  I would really hate to have to do this manually.

Compiling ndiswrapper from source is fairly painless, but if you want,
Livna has an RPM package for it.  Just get the appropriate Livna
release RPM at (choose your arch):

install it, and then something like:

yum install ndiswrapper

should do it.  I've just compiled it from source.

> Thanks in advance,


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