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Re: Folder Synchronization

I see how this would be useful to many, but the specifics I specified don't quite match (Sorry if I'm sounding really picky). The main problem with this is that there isn't an automatic synchronization or integration into the file system feature.

Though, on the other hand, there might be a way to expand upon rsync using rsync as the actual file handling/transfer agent, but building a frontend that integrates into the Linux and does what I've asked for. Anybody have comments to that?


Rick Stevens wrote:

Justin Willmert wrote:

I am looking for a utility that will allow me to synchronize folders between my laptop, and my server where my documents are stored. Currently I am NFS, but please allow me to elaborate why this is not my ideal solution.

For the first reason, my dad is a bit paranoid when it comes to security (I am only 15, so all equipment but my laptop are technically his). He doesn't know about what I am doing to my server 99% of the time, but I'd like to be able to assure him that I am as secure as I can be. Therein lies my problem: I've had to open up 5 ports on my firewall (to only the internal network, so that's is a good thing) just to get NFS to work.

Have a look at the man pages for rsync.  That's how all of the wonderful
Fedora repositories synchronize, and it only needs one port open on the
firewall.  In fact, it can be tunneled through ssh for extra security.
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