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Re: Install Configurations (FC4) for future releases...

On 7/7/05, Panama Jack <panama springfield net> wrote:
> Man, Yum is just too damned cool. :)
> Thanks for pointing this out.  It was very easy to update PHP to use mysql
> and the gd library.  I wish I had known about this some time ago.

It's not Yum doing this (although yeah, Yum is pretty cool)... it's
the RedHat/Fedora packagers who have made life so easy for us RH
admins (as long as you're doing What's Expected) that we get spoiled
and whine and complain when we're forced to administer some other
operating system (I won't name names but it starts with 'S' and ends
with 'olaris' :-) that don't take such good care of their admins.

I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of Learning Red Hat Enterprise
and Fedora (http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnredhatentlnx/) -- it's
a very handy book for people new to The Red Hat Way.

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