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SV: FC4 on Raid 1 + 5

But it isn't... I've set up my arrays - one raid1 and one raid5 - it installs but doesn't boot.
The hardware is - after going to check since I cant remember - Adaptec AIC-7899 with PERC 2/D (?)
and when installing Fedora it also says something that I belive was magic-something... 

Currently I get to "GRUB GRUB Loading Stage 1.5"...  

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Ämne: Re: FC4 on Raid 1 + 5

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 02:57:44PM +0200, Mattias Pettersson wrote:
> Or perhaps someone can point me to that howto (it's hardwareraids so I 
> cant change it to easily to a normal setting).

Which RAID controller?

With a hardware raid controller, this all should be basically transparent to the OS -- set up your arrays, install on them, go.

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