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HDD failure with LVM on FC3

Hi folks.

I've got an FC3 system with default disk layout using LVM on a 40GB disk 
(IDE primary master) to which I added a second 40GB disk (primary 
slave) afterwards.

How when I boot everything's fine up to and including loading the LVM 
details a the 2 volumes it contains.  I then get an error about not 
being able to find the superblock and then that the ext3-fs cannout be 

Initd is then killed after a kernel panic.

Can anyone point me to a HOWTO on how to sort this out. I would *like* 
to get the system working again, but would at least like to recover as 
much data as possible.

With a normal 'native' ext3 fs on a single HDD I'd simply put this into 
another working FC3 system and try to fix it form there.  Can I still 
do this with a LVM setup?

Are there any LVM tools to help tell me which drive is faulty, or help 
me recover the contents?

Any and all help welcomed.

Gary Stainburn
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