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Re: SSH publickey auth

Am Fr, den 08.07.2005 schrieb Michael Yep um 21:05:

> I am trying to get Publickey authentication running between a MS box and 
> my linux server
> Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

What doesn't behave like you expect?

> Maybe it is the hostname being localhost.localdomain, when I log in with 
> reddawn.dyndns.org   ?


> C:\cwrsync>ssh -vvv rlback reddawn dyndns org

> Enter passphrase for key '/cygdrive/c/Documents and 
> Settings/myep/.ssh/id_rsa':
> Ctrl-C

Up to this point where you Ctrl-C all is hppening nicely as far as I can

> Michael Yep


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