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Recommendations for optimal disk ussage?

Hi all

I am going to choose the option clean install for the Fedora Core 4 official  
dvd release.

What can you recommend for partitioning?

I have heard about placing the /home on a seperate partition

I have two harddisks of unequal size, and up until now I have been using them 
as RAID0 

How about swap space?  If I say 10%M of total  available space, then that's 
still 300Mb!  Is that too much/ too little?  RAM on this station is 1Gb

Also, RAID0 does that mean that if one fails, everything's lost?  Or can I 
maybe recover something?  Is there something that enables me to mount two 
harddisks as one but still works if one of them fails (without sacrificing 
disk space, that is)

With kind regards


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