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Re: Mplayer Frustrations - Getting Closer

Ben Steeves wrote:

>OK, so now you have a clean system without mplayer.  Add the livna
>repo -- that's probably the easiest place to get mplayer from. 
>Install mplayer, mplayer-fonts, mplayer-gui, and mplayerplug-in.  You
>can skip the gui or the plugin packages if you don't need them.
>Once they're installed, do the following:
>$ cd ~ 
>$ mkdir .mplayer
>$ cat >> .mplayer/config
>I.e., create the file ~/.mplayer/config with the two lines as above. 
>The "^D" is CTRL-D and will quit cat and close the file.
Okay, I did all this and now at least when I click on the Mplayer icon
that is on my Kmenu under the Sound and Video group, Mplayer opens and I
can click the button to configure it.

Also, Mplayer will play files that have been sent via attachment. 
Mplayer would not play these before, so we are moving forward.

>Next is the codecs.  Download the codecs archive file from the MPlayer
>website and extract it into /usr/local/lib/codecs.  Make symlinks to
>this directory at /usr/lib, /usr/lib/win32, and /usr/local/lib/win32:
>$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/codecs /usr/lib
>$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/codecs /usr/lib/win32
>$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/codecs /usr/local/lib/win32
>(the last two probably aren't necessary, but what the heck?)
I did all this and it solved the problem of playing files from withing
mplayer.  However, I still have an issue with playing stuff in Firefox. 
However, I'm pretty sure that I know what the issue is.  The stuff that
I'm trying to play (videos from cnn.com) are in wvm format and if I look
at the available filetypes that are supported by plugins in Firefox,
there is no wvm.  Is this perhaps a problem with the mplayerplug-in file
that was installed with yum from the "livna" repository?

Thanks for the assistance on this and special thanks to Ben Steeves.



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