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Advice sought about 64-bit Fedora

Hi fellow list users,

I'm soon going to get an AMD64-based computer. I would like to use a 64-bit linux distro on it, but I'm not yet sure if that is the best thing to do. I am particularly concerned about firefox and plugins. I believe that in order to use the binary plugins like flash and java, I would have to use the i386 version of firefox, instead of the x86_64 version.

I am also concerned about how VMware would run in under 64-bit FC4.

Are there users out there using 32-bit software on 64-bit systems? And what are your experiences like? Would you recommend that I go for the 64-bit version, or should I just install the complete OS as i386 (which kind of defeats the purpose of having an AMD64 processor).

All opinions and advice will be highly appreciated, and thank you in advance.



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