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Re: How to update RPM's from ISO images after hard drive installation

On Sun, 2005-07-10 at 16:03 +0200, Peter De Jager wrote:
> Hi
> I downloaded the FC4 ISO images and copied them to a vfat partition on
> my hard drive, burnt a CD from the first image, booted off the CD, and
> did a hard drive installation. This worked without a hitch (great!).
> But now, whenever I install new software (e.g. AdobeReader -
> AdobeReader_enu-7.0.0-2.i386.rpm) the system asks for (e.g.) Disc 3.
> When this happens (during rpm installation) there is no option to
> browse to a directory where the ISO images are stored, and one of the
> reasons I did a hard drive installation is so that I don't have to
> keep swapping CD's (later) when updating the system.
> Is there a way to tell the system where to find the installation media
> (ISO images) so that I don't get prompted for physical CD's when
> adding rpm's? Surely this must be possible since the system managed to
> install off these ISO's in the first place?
> My apologies if this is a really basic question but I've only been
> using Linux for a few days now and so far I've spent most of those
> days trying to sort this issue out, so I'd really appreciate
> some advice.
> Pete.

1) Please do NOT post to this list with HTML. Text only is preferred by
many (probably most) of the regulars on this list.

2) Instead of installing from the CDs, why not use yum?
    yum install <package.name>
As long as you have an internet connection it will work well, and does
the same as doing the updates with yum.

3) The iso image can be used by mounting it with the loop option.
    mount file.iso /mnt -o loop
Will make the contents of the iso image available in /mnt.

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