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Re: Problems with FC4 installation CDs

At 8:16 AM -0400 7/10/05, David Niemi wrote:
>On Sat, 2005-09-07 at 23:57 -0700, Itay Furman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I keep getting error messages when doing mediacheck during FC4
>> installation with the four CDs: Disc 1 passes, the others produce
>> a complaint that no checksum information is available.
>> I did the check following 'linux ide=nodma' at the prompt
>> (without it Discs 1,2 failed, and 3,4 produced the
>> no-checksum-info error).
>> + I downloaded iso files from a mirror site.
>> + I confirmed the sha1sums.
>> + I was able to mount and view each and every burnt CD.
>> Any ideas or suggestion where to go next?  Please.
>This is a known bug and has been discussed many times here and
>elsewhere. When you get to the first linux prompt type in some nonsense
>like "hgjksdk" or "voodoo" and press enter.  you will get an error but
>now try your install, things should work.
>FYI looking at the archives or google can often find the answer for you
>along with the whole discussion as to what is happening.

Searching the list archive does not work, but here's a list mirror to search:


or use Google, but Google isn't as current:

    <search terms> site:www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list
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