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Couple of things re FC4 & yum

Greetings FC4 guru's.

Up till this mornings yum update session, I was always getting an 
advisory that rhn-applet had exited when I did a startx from an 
init=3 login.

After this mornings yum update which included some kde-3.4.1 stuff, 
I've now lost the kde Panel (kicker) function also.  Is there 
a .config file I need to kill and let kde rebuild it now?  Or did I 
get an incomplete (due to mirror lags) update of kde and it will fix 
itself in a few hours?

This machine is a bit odd in that its actual boot partition isn't even 
mounted by FC4.  Somehow, in rigging it for dual booting of FC4 and 
emc's bdi, its now booting from (hd1,0) instead of (hd0,0), so that 
when a new kernel is installed as was the case this morning, I have 
to hand modify the /dev/hdb1/grub/menu.lst and copy all the new 
stuffs from /dev/hda1 to /dev/hdb1, which when its booted to FC4, can 
be hand mounted as /mnt/bdi-boot.  /dev/hda1 is mounted by FC4 
as /boot, but thats not where it boots from.  I don't think this is 
the crashing applet problem, but what do I know?

Ideas?  Note wrapped Brickbats? :)

Cheers, Gene
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