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RE: Gcc not found

Thanks to all who answered. I am a newbie so every comment is welcome.
As Benjamin said I did the commands and got that I don't have GCC installed:
type -a gcc = not found
rpm -q rpm = rpm-4.3.2-21
Gcc -v command not found.

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On Monday 11 July 2005 19:01, Juan wrote:
> I am trying to install ngrep. I am using FC3 and when I do the 
> configure I am getting : error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH.
> Can someone help me in solving this?
> Thanks
> Juanfe

Have you set up a development environment on your box ?
to see what gcc you have installed and if it is installed correctly, try:
type -a gcc
rpm -q rpm
gcc -v

please post the results of the commands here and we can help you further.
If you just get a "not found" or similar, gcc is not installed on your
system and you have to set up a software development environment first.

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