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Re: Related to: FC4 Sluggishness on a 466 MHz Celeron

Tony Nelson wrote:

At 9:33 AM +0200 7/12/05, Klaasjan Brand wrote:

On 7/11/05, Mike McCarty <mike mccarty sbcglobal net> wrote:

FC2 has completely surprised me with how slow it is. I have a 2.7 GHz
with 256MB RAM, and it takes 3 seconds to start a new xterm. The System
shows 1-3% CPU occupancy, 154MB used RAM, and 96.9MB of swap. I'm a
little bit
surprised that it's using any swap with only 60% of memory full.

The kernel tries to swap unused pages out to give more space to the
disk cache (all the unused memory). You can adjust the swapping
behaviour by writing a value to /proc/sys/vm/swappiness (see

So did Con's patch ever made it into the kernel? I see that my swappiness
is at 60, the default that Con's patch replaces. 2.6.11-1.35_FC3

So is mine, and attempts to edit that file fail.


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