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beartooth wrote:

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:56:56 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:

Les Mikesell wrote:

The trick to avoiding problems with Fedora is to wait until towards
the end of a version's life.  Not past the end - you want a version
still being actively used, but you want to be able to immediately
do a 'yum update' to pick up the fixes for the problems others have
already experienced.  FC1 is too old since it is no longer being
updated - if you find a new problem it won't be fixed, and FC4 is
too new if you don't want to be involved in helping with the fixes.

That's the approach I've decided to take. I may upgrade from FC2 to FC3 soon.

It's the approach I used to take as a total sub-technoid; and it was OK, I
guess -- but I did twelve or fifteen installs on five machines over about
three years, and all the keeping up got pretty old pretty fast.

Why do that many installs? One doesn't have to go stepwise, you know. I may wait
for FC4 to settle down in, say, 6 mo and then go for FC4.


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