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--- Josh Coffman <josh_coffman yahoo com> wrote:

First, noone should listen to me cause I don't know
what I'm talking about. Seriously.

Ok, I'm not listening. Your stuff is snipped.


And it is also annoying when people take the attidtude
that everyting is wonderful in 'FC4 LAND' when in fact
it is not.

Yes it is a new release and there will be problems.
But these problems has a less chance to be fixed if
everyone takes this 'DON'T COMPLAIN' attitude.
I have worked in Unix/Linux support and production
environments since 1991. You know to fix things by
letting people tell you what the problems are.

I worked in OS development and support for > 15 years
at a Telecom company I'm sure many would recognize.
There is a difference between a complaint and a problem
report. You might bear this in mind. Particularly given the
tone of some portions of this thread.


Thus, some things have regressed since FC2.

This is normal for beta test, which FCx apparently is.

Now I have read talk about upcomming FC5.
This is begining to sound too much like 'Redmond'
rushing releases out too soon (I hope I'm wrong on

I would rather see  FC4.1, FC4.2,  etc.. until things
are fixed instead of hearing talk of an upcomming

If things continue to be release in the current
it could discourage people from using it.

That would not be good.

I agree. From what I see (I have not tried installing FC4) QA
slipped just a little with FC4, even for beta test. What I've seen
here has made me cautious enough that I'm not "upgrading"
from FC2 at present. The one great advantage to FC4 AFAICT
is selinux, which is apparently also the source of many of the

I wonder what security issues I have on my machine? There are
only three users defined for my machine who can actually log in,
to wit: root, jmccarty, and jjenning (a fellow I'm doing some
contract work for). None of the passwords for any of those users
is a word in any language. The paswords are 10 charactes long.
I have ADSL connections, with a D-Link wireless router between
my box and the ADSL modem. I have disabled the wireless part
of the router, and removed its antenna. Only the one machine
is actually connected to the router. I use Mozilla (cookies disabled,
java disabled) and Thunderbird (use server connections).

So, what is my "vulnerability"?

This is a serious question.


This message made from 100% recycled bits.
I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

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