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Re: Newbie: Where are "console" messages written to? FC2 2.6.5

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 18:19, Clive at Rational wrote:
> After a lot of pain and wasted days on Fedora 3 2.6.10
> / 2.6.11 and 5 (!) failures (machine hangs during
> install) trying to install Fedora 4 - I have fallen
> back to Fedora 2 2.6.5 (!!!!).
>     This is a lot more stable than  any of the other
> kernels / distributions. However, from time to time,
> the machine's "console" (I don't sign on to it  I
> access it using VNC4 and telnet) fills up with rapidly
> flowing messages. The format seems to be (x"nnnnnnn"
> text) and in a cycle of four different messages.
> "Kernel panic" is a string that appears often in these
> fast produced messages. There is no one obvious event
> that causes this problem
>    All I want is a stable , simple, Samba file store -
> and I seem to spend my time rebooting. This is
> frustrating and demoralising.
>    Can someone tell me in which log file I find the
> sequence of messages that spew out on the console - so
> I can at least post the error? I have searched
> directory var/log for the string "kernel panic" - and
> there is nothing.
> Thanks
> Clive


can it be that you had a wrong capitalization in your search ? 
What is the result of a 'grep -i -R "kernel panic" /var/log/*' ?
Also try some other sequence you have seen instead of "kernel panic".
They must be somewhere in /var/log ;-)
You also have to be root to view these files.

Benjamin Duehring, FORWISS|
Universitaet Passau       | Priv. e-mail : duehring forwiss uni-passau de
D-94030 Passau            | WWW          : http://www.lyxx.de/card

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